Leaving So Soon?

While we always hate to see one of our tenants vacate a property, we do our utmost to keep moving out a stress-free experience. Before you hand over the keys, review the following checklist items to ensure you address all of your responsibilities. Completely cleaning the unit and repairing any damage caused during your tenancy will help ensure you receive your full deposit back upon leaving.

Have questions about leaving your rental? Call your Personal Property Coordinator directly, or you can call our main line at: 951-394-0030.

Things to Check When Moving In/Out of Your Rental Property

  • Carefully patch all holes in your walls, particularly those left by nails or screws. If necessary, touch up the area to match the surrounding paint.

  • Clean all carpeted areas thoroughly, and be sure to wash hardwood surfaces and tile. Vacuum and sweep floors.

  • All appliances should be cleaned both inside and out, with special attention paid to overhead fans and lights.

  • Sanitize all counter tops and surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom with disinfectant. Drawers should also be emptied and cleaned.

  • Scrub toilets, sinks, and bathtubs/showers thoroughly.

  • Replace burnt out bulbs throughout the property.

  • Address any landscaping responsibilities, including mowing the lawn and weeding.

  • Dispose of all trash and leave no refuse inside the property.


Refer to the terms of your lease for specific terms regarding your security deposit and the state of the property.