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Ventura County Rental Market Overview

Covering a 2,208 square mile area bordering Los Angeles County and the Pacific Ocean, Ventura County is home to 846,000 Californians. One of the distinctive features of this beautiful part of the State is that it includes two of the Channel Islands: touristy Anacapa, and San Nicolas.


Los Padres National Forest covers half of Ventura County’s surface, and 1/5 is agricultural land. The remainder is a bright collection of cities and towns set amongst mountain ranges and valleys, making Ventura County an excellent place to live for those preferring an active lifestyle with close proximity to nature. Surf and Sand aficionados find paradise in 2-mile-long Buenaventura beach. Ojai is nearby, filled with charming boutique hotels and a renowned organic farmer´s market. There is no reason not to like Ventura County as a place to visit, live or invest in.  


In Ventura City the average value of a home is $584,975 with single-family detached houses being the most common type of home in the area. The rate of appreciation of the Ventura City housing stock is above that of the nation, with a 49.17% increase in prices over the last 10 years. The numbers for other large cities in the County, such as Oxnard (average home price $479,231) are similar. 


About 40 to 45% of Ventura County residents are renters. This is a huge opportunity for investors looking for a place with a solid record of property appreciation and attractive rental rates. The average rent for an 853 ft. apartment was $2,107 (Feb. 2020), an 8% increase versus same month last year (2019). With the current COVID-19 economic situation, mortgage interest rates are at an all-time low; making property purchases more possible than before. 


Say Goodbye to DIY Management

Managing a rental property in Ventura county can be tough work. From marketing the property and screening potential tenants to dealing with the barrage of maintenance requests, many investors waste countless hours trying to keep their rentals profitable. As the old adage goes, time is money—how much money are you throwing away trying to keep up with the responsibilities associated with your Ventura area rental home.

Formatic Property Management, Inc. exists to provide solutions that can generate real results for your investment. We're rethinking the rules of property management, with automated processes that keep us efficient and allow us to deliver impressive results for our clients.

Isn't it time you experienced a different side of property management? We're excited to offer our services in the following areas:

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I have been using the Formatic Property Management team for over 10 years. They have earned my trust by the way they have managed my properties.

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Formatic has been doing an excellent job.  They have reasonable fees and provide timely statements that are clear and concise. The best part is the money just shows up in my account.

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Maximize Your Earning potential

Cutting-edge management that protects your ROI.

Established Methods, Undeniable Results

Tired of property managers who try to wing it when things go wrong? Kiss the headache goodbye and discover the power of automatized property management. We're experienced experts that know the ins and outs of the industry, and we have established protocols for handling nearly every situation under the sun.

An Honest, Open Conversation

We see our clients as partners in our business. Making you money is our top priority, and we don't try sugarcoat or brush problems under the rug. From clearing expensive repairs before they take place to clearly documenting issues with photos and comprehensive notes, our dedication to transparency makes us a dream partner.

Technology Leaders

Property investments should be treated like the 21st century investments they are, which is why we use an assortment of technological tools in our day-to-day operations. From intuitive online portals to digital marketing for our rental properties, we've brought the proven principles of old school management into the new millennium.

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