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Matt Tandy

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Welcome to Corona

Affectionately nicknamed “The Lemon Capital of the World,” Corona was established during the prosperous citrus boom of 1886. Located at the upper end of the Santa Ana River Canyon, it is the only major pass through the Santa Ana Mountains. The city was originally called Riverside, and it adopted the moniker Corona in 1896 for its circular Grand Boulevard.

It’s unique layout brought forth the nickname “Circle City”, for the way the Grand Boulevard wraps around the downtown grid. Residents have plenty of shopping and entertainment destinations to explore, including The Crossings at South Corona, a commercial establishment with 65 retailers, theatres and restaurants.

Vibrant economic development continues to shape the face of modern Corona, with many large corporations headquartered in the city, including Monster Energy and Lucas Oil.

Say Goodbye to Management Headaches

Managing a rental property is a tough job. From finding the perfect tenants and marketing the home, to sending out monthly rent bills and handling maintenance repairs, management can quickly become a full-time job. At Formatic Property Management, we strive to make it easy to own a rental home. Our proven processes allow us to operate efficiently while keeping tenants and clients satisfied.

Partner with Local Experts

Whether you’re struggling to compete in an ever-expanding market, or getting tired of handling multiple properties, Formatic Property Management is here to help.

Our team of property managers possesses the experience and skills necessary to help you get the most out of your property investment. Let go of the stress of personal management and let a team of dedicated and trustworthy individuals help you achieve your goals.

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We Keep Clients Satisfied


My Highest Recommendation

I have been using the Formatic Property Management team for over 10 years. They have earned my trust by the way they have managed my properties.

Taylor Thompson - Satisfied Client


They Make Owning Property Simple

Formatic has been doing an excellent job.  They have reasonable fees and provide timely statements that are clear and concise. The best part is the money just shows up in my account.

Shon Robinson - Satisfied Client


Maximize Your Earning potential

Cutting-edge management that protects your ROI.

Established Methods, Undeniable Results

Tired of property managers who try to wing it when things go wrong? Kiss the headache goodbye and discover the power of automatized property management. We're experienced experts that know the ins and outs of the industry, and we have established protocols for handling nearly every situation under the sun.

An Honest, Open Conversation

We see our clients as partners in our business. Making you money is our top priority, and we don't try sugarcoat or brush problems under the rug. From clearing expensive repairs before they take place to clearly documenting issues with photos and comprehensive notes, our dedication to transparency makes us a dream partner.

Technology Leaders

Property investments should be treated like the 21st century investments they are, which is why we use an assortment of technological tools in our day-to-day operations. From intuitive online portals to digital marketing for our rental properties, we've brought the proven principles of old school management into the new millennium.

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